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We will help you develop human resources by leveraging over 25 years of experience as a dedicated company in the industry

Trainocate Group is a "leading global IT human resource development company" that operates in 15 countries and regions worldwide. Based on our wealth of experience and our extensive track record spanning more than 25 years, we develop and provide business training for globally successful talent as well as IT training for many different technological fields.





Taking the lead in global human resource development for business and IT

We take a leading role in human resource development with a wide selection of essential training courses, including programs to nurture a multifaceted approach in business, to develop advanced IT skills and to acquire mindset and communication skill for global human resources that are demanded in the era of digital business.

Covering all positions, from new employees to management

Our selection of services covers both business skills such as management and leadership as well as the latest IT skills for all positions, from new recruits to top-level executives.
In our training programs for new employees, we give instruction on business to help them to shift their mindset and think as a working adult, along with IT training that lays out the groundwork for them to engage in work as an IT engineers. We also provide AMA's content in our programs to nurture executives and managers, helping them gain leading-edge business skills from the USA.

Supporting consistence improvement of technical skills from entry level to high-end engineers

We provide various training includes major IT vendors’ authorized training and our original contents. We can tailor curriculum to your requirement and the skill level from the start-up of new employees and newly assigned personnel in the IT department to the development of highly skilled IT professionals.
Our training with the latest details on many different areas of technology can help you in many ways - from capturing trends in technology to developing advanced engineers.

Providing training for global human resource development

There are more opportunities to work with foreigners and people with different values in global projects such as overseas base construction, offshore, and global data centers. We support the acquisition of the thinking and mindset necessary for doing business globally, as well as getting world-standard IT-related qualifications to compete in the global market.
We can also provide training international and in various languages in each countries, utilizing our global network


Dedicated knowledge

With our knowledge in human resource development acquired through more than 25 years of experience and systematic development programs, along with the passion of our experienced employees for HR development, we help you solve your immediate real issues and achieve your medium- to long-term goals for growth.

Supporting the overall design for human resource development

For companies, human resource development is an investment to realize their strategy. Trainocate suggests many different solutions for human resource development based on your business strategy, ultimately contributing to your growth. We customize our training programs to suit your individual issues and needs, and we also propose optimal solutions by combining group training, online training, on-demand training, and other approaches. We can support you in the overall design of your human resource development plans, or give specific advice on the content of training sessions—whatever suits you best.

Training programs that apply to the real-world of business

Training is not simply for building knowledge—it only has significance in terms of human resource development if it can be applied to work on the office floor. At Trainocate, our training programs effectively incorporate practical exercises in addition to classroom lectures for both the business and IT fields. With role playing and on‐the‐job exercises for business scenarios and IT system exercises using rich testing environments, our practical curriculum helps participants acquire skills that they can use immediately in their work.

Professional instructors

Our instructors at Trainocate are required to meet strict internal standards. In addition to knowledge, expertise, and experience in the relevant field, they also possess the necessary techniques to teach effectively.
Many instructors have been active in business, and have experience in system development and operations. Instructors share case studies and advice based on their actual experience, and they demonstrate advanced facilitation skills to realize a training program with strong results in terms of learning. We organize training sessions carried out by certified instructors with authorization from IT vendors, and we have also received many awards from vendors.


Worldwide network


The Trainocate Group operates globally with offices in Japan, the USA, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Australia, Sri Lanka and UAE. We provide support for customers looking to go international through developing human resources in multiple regions and languages.


  • Microsoft Partner of the year 2021 Learning (Worldwide)

  • Top 20 Training Companies

  • Authorized Training Partner of the Year 2020 (APAC)



We have been authorized by many well-known companies to conduct and provide services for official training programs


  • Edoga Inc.

    Planning, development and consultation on VR

  • Kikagaku Inc.

    Training in advanced technologies including AI, and work to propel DX

  • atma Co., Ltd.

    Consultation on implementing AI, development of web and mobile applications, and development of AI systems