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We will help you develop human resources by leveraging over 25 years of experience as a dedicated company in the industry

Trainocate Group is a leading global IT human resource development company that operates in 15 countries and regions worldwide. With our wealth of experience and extensive track record spanning more than 25 years, we develop and provide business training for globally successful talent as well as IT training across multiple technologies.





Specialist of human resource development

With our knowledge in human resource development acquired through more than 25 years of experience and systematic development programs, we help to solve your immediate real issues and achieve your goals for growth.


We have 25+ years of knowledge and experience, robust systematic development programs, talented people with a true passion for human resource development.


Training is not simply for building knowledge—it only has significance in terms of human resource development if it can be applied to work. At Trainocate, our training programs effectively incorporate practical exercises for real world scenarios in addition to live instructor-led lectures for applications in both business and technology.
Our service goes beyond just training; we strive to provide a holistic one-stop solution with end to end support in training needs analysis, curriculum development, pre-training assessments, project planning and coordination, in-life management, post-training career development and assistance.


The Trainocate Group operates globally with offices in Japan, the USA, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Australia, Sri Lanka and UAE. With our extensive geographic coverage and capabilities, we enable and skill our customers to go international by developing human resources in multiple regions and languages.


Various trainings meet various requirements

We support re-skilling/up-skilling for digital transformation and the early entry of new employees into the workforce with a lineup of more than 1,400 training courses.

IT skills

Our training with the cutting edge on broad spectrum of technology can help you in many ways - from capturing latest trends in technology, enabling your team to be business-ready to developing advanced engineers. In addition to certified training from leading IT vendors, we also offer a wide range of training programs originally developed in-house to meet the varying specific needs of our clientele/each company.

Soft skills

Our selection of services covers both business skills such as management and leadership, from new recruits to top-level executives.
We also provide training programs to nurture a multifaceted approach in business and to acquire mindset and communication skill for global human resources that are demanded in the era of digital business.

Career Development

Onboarding and Orientation - In our training programs for graduates and new employees, we provide instructions on business to help them shift their mindset and think as a working adult.
Mid-Career Transitioning - We support mid career employees with early onboarding and to facilitate their transition to new roles and responsibilities.
Continual Upskilling - Our portfolio of training services aims to meet the training needs at every level from new recruits to top-level executives.


Bring the change through the HR development


As a trusted training advisor to our customers, partners and eco-system, we are passionate in our commitment to excellence.

Professional instructors

Our instructors at Trainocate are required to meet strict internal standards. In addition to knowledge, expertise, and experience in the relevant field, they also possess the necessary techniques to teach effectively.
Many instructors are active practitioners in the field and have extensive experience in system development, operations and more which enable them to share case studies and real life examples beyond the standard curriculum. Using advanced facilitation skills from years of experience, our instructors are able to realize knowledge transfer and create positive learning experience.

Flexible modality

We propose the best solutions to meet your challenges and needs with tailor-made training and flexible modality to address various needs - classroom, virtual, hybrid, e-learning and blended approach to ensure optimum service outcome.

Partnership with IT vendors

We are the preferred authorized training provider for many established IT vendors to deliver their industry-recognized curriculum and official certification trainings. By establishing a solid relationship at the local country level and close strategic collaboration globally, we are able to deploy the latest training programs aligned with the industry standards. We have been recognized in the industry for significant contributions towards delivering world-class training services and working hand in hand with our IT vendors to drive digital transformation and continual training outcomes.


  • Global AWS Training Partner of the Year 2023

  • Top 20 Training Companies

  • Cisco Learning Partner of the Year APJC 2023



We have been authorized by many well-known companies to conduct and provide services for official training programs


  • Edoga Inc.

    Planning, development and consultation on VR

  • Kikagaku Inc.

    Training in advanced technologies including AI, and work to propel DX

  • atma Co., Ltd.

    Consultation on implementing AI, development of web and mobile applications, and development of AI systems