Please contact our subsidiaries or associate companies for your required services.

  • Trainocate

    Human resourse development with a focus on IT engineer education and business skill education in 14 countries and regions worldwide

  • Quintegral Ltd.

    Various training services developed by American Management Association (AMA)—the world's largest human resource development organization—and consultation on the development of globally competent human resources.

  • Clisk Corporation

    Management of education web media including Youtube and owned media and consultation on marketing in the Southeast Asian region.

  • TLG Learning

    Based in Seattle, one of the centers for IT companies in the USA, TLG Learning excels in the public sector and in developing non-IT people into IT human resources. TLG Learning is an important partner of Trainocate in its business within North America.


    KORNERSTONE is a leading certification and IT training company in Hong Kong, with expertise in the financial and legal sectors. The company is also engaging in business within Shanghai through an joint venture, and is an important partner of Trainocate in Greater China.