Policy Against Anti-Social Organization

Policy Against Anti-Social Forces

All the officers and employees of Trainocate Holdings, Ltd., and the Trainocate Group are aware that cutting-off the relationships with and eliminating anti-social forces with determination are essential to maintaining public trust and ensuring operational appropriateness and soundness, as well as being necessary and important for fulfilling the Group’s social responsibility.
We pledge to eliminate anti-social forces under this Policy.

  • We will not conduct any transactions with anti-social forces.

  • If one of our customers should be found to be an anti-social force, we will immediately take appropriate action to terminate the transaction.

  • We will not provide or receive any funds to or from anti-social forces.

  • We will take civil or criminal legal action against unjust demands from anti-social forces.

  • We will endeavor to eliminate anti-social forces in close cooperation with the relevant external organizations.

April 1, 2024
Takashi Ozawa, President and co-CEO
Trainocate Holdings, Ltd.